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001 Boys, Some Girls And Other Cookies

A week in the life of Alejandro Palomo

A Short Documentary Directed By: Luis Cerveró

A hand-held look into the hyperactive ride of gender-bending cult designer Alejandro Palomo. Acclaimed director Luis Cerveró and filmmaker Miquel Diaz Pont, tag along the ambulant fashion house PALOMO SPAIN in its transatlantic journey — From the deep Spanish south town of Posadas all the way up to New York City. A celebration of creativity, sensuality as well as tradition, friends and family. Throughout the trip, Cervero’s shapeshifting outlook attempts to answer who is really Alejandro Palomo and what makes a Palomo boy.

Filmmaker: Miquel Diaz-Pont
Production: CAP
Executive Producer: Antonio Porteiro
Production Manager: Andrea Lazarov
Colorist: Marc Morató at Metropolitana
Postproduction Coordinator: Yukio Montilla
Editors: Luis Cerveró and Aitor Bigas
Music: Pedro Vian, Paco Fernández, Paco Heredia
Sound Design: Miquel Mestres and Carles Pratts at AngelSound Studio
Boom: Eduardo Rosa
Photography: Phillipe Milton

Special Thanks To:
Palomo Spain