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005 Media is a platform dedicated to create spaces for creative and rational engagements.
Generated output spans across multiple formats from editorial pieces to podcasts, documentaries and photo essays.

005 Waiting Room II. Danny Lion

005 Waiting Room – Nº1 Deanna Dikeman

Editorial: Cose Comune
Specs: Hardcover, 19 x 23,5 cm,112 pages

Deanna Dikeman (b.1954, Sioux City, Iowa) has been an artist-photographer since 1985, when she left a corporate job to try a photography class. She resides in Kansas City and Columbia, Missouri, USA, she explores the themes of family, childhood memories, dance, fashion, lost and found, life and death.

Her pictures emphasize the phrase “meaning is found in the unremarkable.” Rendered with a traditional documentary style, her pictures suggest life slowing down and everyday routine becoming a reminder of our own mortality.

005 Blue skies over my head

by Pepe Lobez

005 Miracles Waiting To Happen

Monterey, California. Walking aimlessly. Listening to "Blood Of An American" by Bobby Wright. This feels like home but 10.000 km away.

005 Affaire Toblerone

A couple of months before the winter time we went to Zermatt, the only spot in Europe where you can find snow almost all year long. The Swiss town itself is sort of a perfect ‘mise en scène’. Right after we landed, our presence there unsettled me, I felt exactly like Simon Pegg in Hot Fuzz.

The cable cars were filled with young professional skiers training for World championships and tourists photographing the exact moment in which the peak of the Matterhorn mountain on the Toblerone box overlaps the real one.

In this instance I thought of Mohan Sahlin, a member of the Swedish democratic party, who in 1995 was forced to resign after paying—among other things— a Toblerone bar with her government credit card. She immediately returned the money, preventing any judges from taking legal actions but the ‘Affaire Toblerone’ had unravelled: in Sweden a moral mistake is taken as seriously as breaking the law.

Both of these ‘affairs’ have an interesting relationship with transparency. In the case of the tourists, the success of their collage relies in the confidence their friends back home place on the opacity of the overlapping layer. On the other hand, the Swedish placed ethics above justice and upon discovering a discrepancy in Mona’s actions they stopped trusting her. In both cases, faith in the invisible becomes crucial.

This photo essay is about what we see through what we see and the boundaries between the backdrop and the real. What is established as cozy? What percentage of a first impression can we trust in order to feel at ease in a place? Where are the limits between the mirror and the window?

A personal thought, in this perfect town, do Swiss ever imagine being jumped by a gang of grannies with machine guns waiting for them around the corner?

005 An ocean wave

2019 has been very important for us because it has been the first whole year that CAP has lived. To celebrate this and show all our thanks, affection and respect to our collaborators, customers and friends, we have contacted the artist David Horvitz to create a unique piece limited to 150 units.

005 Boys, Some Girls And Other Cookies

A short documentary directed by Luis Cerveró. A hand-held look into the hyperactive ride of gender-bending cult designer Alejandro Palomo. Acclaimed director Luis Cerveró and filmmaker Miquel Diaz Pont, tag along the ambulant fashion house Palomo Spain in its transatlantic journey — From the Spanish southern town of Posadas all the way up to New York City. A celebration of creativity, sensuality as well as tradition, friends and family. Throughout the trip, Cervero’s shapeshifting outlook attempts to answer who is really Alejandro Palomo and what makes a Palomo boy.

005 Photo Essay Yavatmal

A collection of colorful photographs captured while shooting in Yavatmal, India

005 Photo Essay Los Angeles

A collection of photographs captured while filming in Los Angeles, California

005 Hi5Radio X Lucia Casani

Lucia Casani es la directora de la Casa Encendida—un espacio abierto y dinámico, para todos los públicos, donde conviven algunas de las expresiones artísticas más vanguardistas con actividades educativas, de reflexión y de debate, que giran en torno a sus cuatro áreas de actuación: Cultura, Solidaridad, Medio Ambiente y Educación. Hablamos con Casani sobre su trayectoria en La Casa Encendida, desde su fundación hasta los futuros proyectos del espacio, su público, su manera de programar y la importancia de la accesibilidad en el arte.

005 Hi5Radio X Antonio del Solar

Hablamos con Antonio del Solar, un reparador de cámaras profesional en proceso de jubilarse y astrónomo semi-profesional—faceta de la que nunca se jubilará. Charlamos en su taller a medio desmontar entre cámaras, piezas, y telescopios sobre sus dos pasiones: las lentes y el espacio, con especial énfasis en su astro favorito—el Sol.

005 Hi5Radio X Luis Cerveró

Luis Cerveró is a Spanish director, producer and cultural entrepreneur. He’s the founder of ground breaking Barcelona based production companies CANADA and O, the creative studio that’s setting new boundaries in exporting young Spanish creative talent to the world. Cerveró is also an independent publisher of art and photography books though his one-man venture Terranova.

005 CAP Identity

The Munich-based studio Daily Dialogue is responsible for developing CAP's identity. We had a chat with the team to learn about their creative process, design fetishes, and take on short attention spans.