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002 Production has created an innovative way of working tailored to the content revolution in the audiovisual sector. Because of the global and scalable structure of CAP we can segment the contents while taking into account their value and temporality.

002 Una splendida giornata

For Zara

002 Free to be Wild

A film for Zara Woman

002 Moments of Pride

for Calvin Klein

002 Camping in Copenhagen

For Zara Woman

002 Paris is Burning

For Pull & Bear

002 Street View Lookbook

For Zalando & Google

002 Zara – Petit Mum

with Colin Dodgson in Lake House

002 Mica Argañaraz in a very intimate and personal shoot


002 Zara Ecommerce III

with Matea Brakus, Sculy Mejia, Olivia Vinten, Pau Anguera, Simona Kunst, Assa Baradji, Blesnya Minher, Klara Kristin, Maty Fall, Irene Guarenas.

002 Sex Education Confessions

Pull & Bear

002 Zara Kids – Amber Leaves

Amber Leaves

002 Zara Ecommerce II

with Cara Taylor, Blesnya Minher, Edita Vilkeviciute & Raquel Brito

002 Home Landing Pages III

Production for Zara Home

002 Mango

Othilia Simon in Lanzarote for Mango Studio

002 Hercules Universal Cover Vol.II / Issue XXVIII

Twist of Fate

002 Carolina Herrera SS20

A production for Carolina Herrera and Carolina Herrera NY shoot by Gorka Postigo

002 This is Hot

Production for Bimba y Lola

002 Un día en la granja – SS20 Campaign

Production for Zara Home

002 Zara Ecommerce

with Tasha Tilberg, Shanelle Nyasiase, Saskia de Brauw & Cara Taylor

002 Zara Archive Collection 1996/2012

— Launching a re-edition of iconic classics from our archives.

002 Home Landing Pages II

Production for Zara Home

002 Wooyoungmi

002 Party

Production for Zara Kids

002 Zara SCENES

CAP produced Zara SCENES⁠—A new way to tell stories⁠—a three episode series of reality-bending short films featuring Mica Argarañaz shot in Los Angeles, California.

002 Production