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CAP is a creative production agency slash media channel frame-worked around a number system that typifies each one of the departments in the group. CAP’s flexible digit combinations offer clients an ever-growing spectrum of possibilities to turn ideas into content. Our goal is to create new paradigm shifts that will transform brands into storytellers. Producing creativity is inherent to our culture. Proceed with absolute confidence.

002 Zara Ecommerce II

with Cara Taylor, Blesnya Minher, Edita Vilkeviciute & Raquel Brito

001 Camper – Camping

Life is good in the wood - Spring / Summer 2020

002 Hercules Universal Cover Vol.II / Issue XXVIII

Twist of Fate

005 Miracles Waiting To Happen

Monterey, California. Walking aimlessly. Listening to "Blood Of An American" by Bobby Wright. This feels like home but 10.000 km away.

002 This is Hot

Production for Bimba y Lola

002 Un día en la granja – SS20 Campaign

Production for Zara Home

002 Zara Ecommerce

with Tasha Tilberg, Shanelle Nyasiase, Saskia de Brauw & Cara Taylor

002 Home Landing Pages II

Production for Zara Home

001 Camper – Flash Freeze

CAP created and produced this story about nature & technology.

005 Affaire Toblerone

A couple of months before the winter time we went to Zermatt, the only spot in Europe where you can find snow almost all year long. The Swiss town itself is sort of a perfect ‘mise en scène’. Right after we landed, our presence there unsettled me, I felt exactly like Simon Pegg in Hot Fuzz.

002 Zara SCENES

CAP produced Zara SCENES⁠—A new way to tell stories⁠—a three episode series of reality-bending short films featuring Mica Argarañaz shot in Los Angeles, California.

005 Hi5Radio X Lucia Casani

Lucia Casani es la directora de la Casa Encendida—un espacio abierto y dinámico, para todos los públicos, donde conviven algunas de las expresiones artísticas más vanguardistas con actividades educativas, de reflexión y de debate, que giran en torno a sus cuatro áreas de actuación: Cultura, Solidaridad, Medio Ambiente y Educación. Hablamos con Casani sobre su trayectoria en La Casa Encendida, desde su fundación hasta los futuros proyectos del espacio, su público, su manera de programar y la importancia de la accesibilidad en el arte.