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001 Agency is a full service contemporary creative agency specialising in the global production of content. We believe that stories define brands. Our goal is to create new paradigm shifts that will transform brands into storytellers.

001 Camper – Flash Freeze


Photographer: Corey Olsen
Creative direction & Production: CAP Dept.
Art Director: Cito Ballesta
Location: Zermatt, Switzerland

This story has been photographed at almost 4000m altitude looking for snow in September in the northern hemisphere. We stayed in a small town in Switzerland, Zermatt, where you can only move in electric cars. We had a guide named Michael and he showed us how to move through the heights.

"Nature is never finished" Robert Smithson

On the conceptual side we proposed to work with diptychs mixing nature with technology which essentially represents the material with which we work; Goretex.

“A sculpture, a map, a photograph; all the forms of my work are equal and complementary. The knowledge of my actions, in whatever form, is the art. My art is the essence of my experience, not a representation of it” Richard Long