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005 Waiting Room – Nº1 Deanna Dikeman

Leaving and waving

Deanna Dikeman has been an artist-photographer since 1985, when she left a corporate job to try a photography class. She resides in Kansas City and Columbia, Missouri, USA. She has photographed her family in Iowa and Nebraska in a body of work called Relative Moments. She has done a series of photographs of interior details of homes, Home Alone in the Middle of the Day.  Her Wardrobe project includes photographs of old clothes in thrift stores and a historical costume collection.  Other projects are Suburban Photographs, Lost Dog (posters of lost pets), Ballroom (ballroom dancers and their clothing in movement), Lot Line (looking at the spaces between houses), and Sprinklers, Birdbaths, and Puddles.

“I just took these photographs as a way to deal with the sadness of leaving”