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002 Production has created an innovative way of working adapted to the content revolution in the audiovisual sector. Because of the global and scalable structure of CAP we can segment the contents taking into account their value and temporality.

002 Zara SCENES

CAP produced Zara SCENES⁠—A new way to tell stories⁠—a three episode series of reality-bending short films featuring Mica Argarañaz shot in Los Angeles, California.

002 Stranger Things

002 Earth Hour

As part of the WWF initiative Earth Hour — a global movement to save energy — On March 30th we turned off all lights at our office and homes from 8:30 to 9:30pm. To raise awareness around the preservation of natural ecosystems we produced and scouted two simultaneous photoshoots for Zara Join Life with local guides. Phillipe Milton photographed the breath-taking coast of Big Sur, California while Axel Corjon shot the awe-inspiring foot of the Atlas in Morocco.

002 Production